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State of the Art Cardiac Care

Cardiac disorders can strike anyone at any age. Both men and women are more likely to succumb to heart disorders than any other disease process if not appropriately managed. Even people in otherwise excellent health may have an electrical abnormality in their hearts that can cause not only bothersome symptoms, but dangerous and potentially life threatening conditions. Coronary artery blockages can occur even in people who appear otherwise healthy. Some people may have annoying swelling in their legs, which while not life threatening, causes chronic discomfort and is a constant nuisance.

With everything at stake, why accept anything but the highest level of expertise and experience, in an environment where service to you is the main priority? Since our group’s origin in 1984, this has been our goal — to provide the best cardiovascular care possible to you, our patients.

Please view our Publications page http://siliconvalleycardiology.com/publications/ for articles we have published in peer reviewed journals detailing our excellent results in ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation. The original work our partners have done over the years to advance the care of all cardiology patients is also available here.

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